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The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is applying from 25 May 2018 to all EEA countries. The aim of the GDPR is to provide the general legal framework for data protection on the territory of all EEA countries. Our experienced data protection team can smoothly navigate you through all relevant legal challenges, which your business could encounter in the process of its adaptation to the changed data protection environment. 

 Our data protection lawyers advice and assist clients in all relevant aspects of the data protection rules & procedures and GDPR compliance, including:

- Conducting of legal assessment of the processes within the company in the light of the requirements of the GDPR;

- Preparing Gap Analysis Reports and issuing recommendations and guidelines for achieving legal compliance;

- Preparing the set of necessary documents corresponding to the specific needs of each company;

- Actively communicating and working together with the IT specialists servicing the company, by facilitating in this way the introduction of the necessary technical and organizational measures;

- Providing legal assistance and clarifications to persons within the company entrusted with the processing of personal data about their respective obligations and duties stemming from the GDPR provisions.

Among others, our law firm was entrusted the following representative assignments:

- ANG was engaged by the Group Sodexo to perform full legal audit of data processing activities within its Bulgarian subsidiary and to act as local counsel for the introduction of the necessary documentation and measures as per the GDPR;  

- ANG is involved on a daily basis in advising the local team of Volvo Group on all legal issues related to data protection, including with respect to the implementation of the Group’s global requirements and data protection rules;

- ANG is currently acting as local legal counsel in relation with GDPR matters for the benefit of multiple other companies operating in different sectors of the Bulgarian economy, such as aviation, accountancy, payroll, food production and others.